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Family and FriendsWhatever a person goes through in their lifetime, the diagnosis of cancer is one of the most devastating. Suddenly everything in their life changes, and the feeling of loss of control can be overwhelming. Some people withdraw into a shell.

Mining has left a lasting legacy that continues today by the hosting of mine rescue competitions, the Miners Walk and the citizens employed at neighbouring mines. Area A Director Mike Sosnowski, born and raised in Fernie says, “Without Mining Fernie would not have been established and if mining were gone the town would cease to exist as we know it. It’s comforting to see a Global Company announcing investment of $40 million in the Valley as it shows mining will be around for a long time, at least another 100 years.”.

What the implications of that be in the environment of this poor duo.Dr. Sokoloski: Well, if that happens, all bets are off. I don’t know what would happen actually to the red giant. Since then, Chandra has repeatedly returned to Cas A to learn more about this important object. A new video shows the evolution of Cas A over time, enabling viewers to watch as incredibly hot gas about 20 million degrees Fahrenheit in the remnant expands outward. These X ray data have been combined with data from another of NASA Observatories, the Hubble Space Telescope, showing delicate filamentary structures of cooler gases with temperatures of about 20,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

New Horizons has delivered measurements and data showing that the albedo of Pluto’s 4 smallest moons is much too high for captured KBOs. Their surface reflectivity is highly suggestive of a water ice composition. Measured KBOs have a geometric albedo of less than .20, while Styx, Nix, Hydra, and Kerberos have values of .40, .57, .56, and .45 respectively.

“I would have used different words.” (Mitt Romney, responding to Rush Limbaugh’s evisceration of Sandra Fluke.) Translation: “I agree with Rush, she’s a slut.” “Legitimate rape” (Rep. Todd Akin, R Mo., during a local TV interview) = “She asked for it.” “Another method of conception” (Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan referring to rape in a recent TV appearance) = “She asked for it and now has to live with the consequences.” “He’s not like us.” (Sarah Palin, referring to Barak Obama.) = “He’s black and smart.” “If you elect me, I will protect the essential nature of our neighborhoods.” (Heard on the radio while driving through Pittsburgh a few years ago during an election for city council.) = “I’ll keep the blacks and Hispanics out.” “American values” = Entitlement by banks and corporations to lie, cheat, steal, and avoid paying taxes. “Citizens United” = Citizens divided.

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