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In this way we measured the moving minimum audible angle (MMAA). This measurement was made while listeners were asked to turn their heads back and forth between 15 and the signals were stabilized in space. After this “self motion” condition we measured MMAA in a second “source motion” condition when listeners remained still and the virtual locations of the signals were moved using the trajectories from the first condition.

20/40 is usually the legal driving minimum. What it means is that the level of detail and sharpness that you see at 20 feet is what others can see at 40 feet. Your eye surgeon will usually shoot for 20/20, though there are no guarantees. Although it is usually the soaring temperatures of July and August that cause discomfort to, but does not reduce the enthusiasm of, local cricketers, not even the unseasonal cold and wet weather over the weekend could disrupt the action. The most dramatic game of recent years took place in Ashdod, where Neve Yonatan tied their city neighbors Young Ashdod’s score of 188 (thanks to a last over six), but won the game having lost less wickets (eight as opposed to Young Ashdod all out). In Lod, Petah Tikva were unable to handle to weather conditions and drowned to a huge 276 run defeat to Lions Lod, whilst in Eilat, where the sun shines literally all year round, the home side began the 2013 season with a 68 run win over Be’er Sheva..

“This new analysis shows that when surgical residents have some flexibility with their work hours, they choose to devote their time to important activities that safeguard and benefit their patients,” said David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS, Executive Director, American College of Surgeons. “These activities also contribute to their education and training experience and to their professionalism.”.

JACKSON, Miss. A second Republican candidate for Mississippi governor said he would not be alone with a woman who is not his wife in a professional or personal setting, after fellow candidate state Rep. Robert Foster decision to deny a female reporter request to accompany him on a campaign trip for the same reason..

Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThe development of an accurate analysis procedure for many laser applications, including the surface treatment of architectural materials, is extremely complicated due to the multitude of process parameters and materials characteristics involved. A one dimensional analytical model based on Fourier’s law, with quasi stationary situations in an isotropic and inhomogeneous workpiece with a parabolic meltpool geometry being assumed, was successfully developed. This model, with the inclusion of an empirically determined correction factor, predicted high power diode laser (HPDL) induced melt depths in clay quarry tiles, ceramic tiles and ordinary Portland cement (OPC) that were in close agreement with those obtained experimentally.

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