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Natural sources of gamma rays originating on Earth are mostly as a result of radioactive and secondary radiation from atmospheric interactions with cosmic ray particles. However, there are other rare natural sources, such as terrestrial gamma ray flashes, which produce gamma rays from electron action upon the nucleus. Notable artificial sources of gamma rays include fission, such as that which… Read more →

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In addition, a nuclear powered engine could also provide superior thrust relative to the amount of propellant used. This would cut the total amount of propellent needed, thus cutting launch weight and the cost of individual missions. And a more powerful nuclear engine would mean reduced trip times, another cost cutting measure.. More than 140 Willamette Valley wineries will open… Read more →

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Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are more pessimistic by nature and normally have a backup plan. This includes creatingdisaster preparedness plans. In fact, other studies point to the assumption that should something drastically go wrong, millennials will run around like headless chickens, unable to move or think because for once, they cannot rely on their mobile phones.A list of medical… Read more →

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Traffic of Cinnamon Gardens Police for his significant contribution to community, Ray Forbes, an 80 year old senior citizen, former diplomat, who had dedicated his life, to the development of music, speech and drama, Ervin Waidyachandra, who had served 59 years in Scouting, had won many awards including the Long Service Award for Scouting by the Prime Minister in 2003… Read more →

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Morphology of the 2C18E12 monolayer, investigated using Brewster angle microscopy, was also found to depend upon monolayer history. Bright, randomly dispersed domains of 2C18E12 of approximately 5 m in size were observed during compression of the monolayer to less than 42 mN m1. At of 42 mN m1 and above, the surfactant film appeared to be almost completely ‘solid like.’… Read more →

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“Some early Mormon leaders believed in blood atonement for the most egregious sins,” NPR reported at the time of Ronnie Lee Gardner’s execution by firing squad in 2010. “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints has since renounced any connection to blood atonement. And the belief has all but disappeared among Utahns today.”. If you think about it,… Read more →

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