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Matais Duarte introduced Material Design, the design standards that are the basis for the look and feel of Android L. In reference to the design, Matais explained:Android is now officially supporting a card esque take on the long requested lock screen notifications. These same notifications cards are also going to be dropped over apps and games that the end user… Read more →

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Modern technology, the range of learning provision, and older people’s sustained motivation to learn all favour their engagement in this. Evidence from the UK shows significant changes in patterns of learning by older people, with increasing participation in more community based provision, and on line and independent learning, and substantial disengagement from higher education. In Spain, by contrast, extensive development… Read more →

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Elliptic curves are involved with some very deep mathematics, including modular forms (used in the proof of the Taniyama Shimura conjecture at the heart of the Fermat theorem) and zeta functions. To cut to the chase a bit, light cones or projective subspaces of an Einstein space are equivalent to Heisenberg groups. FTLC is then equivalent to imposing contextual hidden… Read more →

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It was not an audience easily manipulated by propaganda campaigns, emotionalism, sensationalism or hysteria, or by omission, or the beat up. Or by intrusion on privacy, or focus on trivia. There was no other city in the world not New York, London, Paris or Beijing where one could as sensibly remind journalists that on most matters, at least a third… Read more →

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Radiation levels similar to nuclear bomb test siteBloomberg is now reporting, “Tetsuya Terasawa said the radiation levels are in line with those found after a nuclear bomb test, which disperses plutonium. Governments continue to downplay the whole event, assuring their sheeple that there’s nothing to worry about. By their logic, since all the people are sheeple anyway, as long as… Read more →

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