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During rush hours, the buses would run about every 10 minutes. The association would hire a private bus company to operate the service, while the association would handle management. Whether the private employee shuttles would continue is a detail to be worked out.. That’s a huge responsibility. And yet, the agency is not one with controversies including growing criticism for… Read more →

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Pregnancy creates changes throughout your cardiovascular system, so monitoring heart rate with a tracking gadget isn the best way to assess how hard you working, says Carrie Pagliano, a doctor of physical therapy and a board certified clinical specialist in women health physical therapy. Instead, use the talk test and dial down your intensity to moderate. “If it takes you… Read more →

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Over the last two years, the Senate health committee held 16 hearings on a range of topics related to reducing the cost of health care. In May, Chairman Alexander and Ranking Member Patty Murray (D Wash.) released for discussion the Lower Health Care Costs Act. The committee received over 400 comments on that draft legislation, and last Tuesday, the committee… Read more →

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Arkansas nonpartisan Supreme Court races in recent years have drawn the focus of outside conservative groups that havespent millionson TV ads and attack mailers. Justice Courtney Rae Hudsonwon re electionlast year after two conservative groups spent nearly $2.5 million trying to unseat her. Hudson went by Courtney Goodson before her divorce this year. When your body comes into contact with… Read more →

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Scale Resolving Simulations (SRS) are emerging as a promising compromise of cost and accuracy for industrial simulations of flows inside turbine blade cooling systems as they represent a necessary increase of accuracy with respect to Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes (RANS) in the field. In this paper, several hybrid RANS LES (Large Eddy Simulation) and SRS approaches are investigated. A Scale… Read more →

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The mission of University Archives covers both management of current university records and historic university archives. The Head of Special Collections and University Archivist serves as the Records Officer for the University and oversees compliance with UNC Asheville University Retention of Records and Disposition Policy and the UNC General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule. From a historical perspective, University Archives… Read more →

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Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has announced the upcoming opening of a new community drop in center, The Spot, which will offer programming related to HIV. Hosted at PPRM’s Denver Central health center (921 E. 14th Ave.), The Spot’s schedule will include “a variety of activities, including sex education courses, pre exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) navigation, group discussions, movie and… Read more →