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Elegans were exposed to microgravity conditions on the International Space Station (ISS) within the confines of a Fluid Mixing Enclosure (FME). Return of the FME yielded 72,050 live nematodes, the first demonstration of C. Elegans survival of space travel in an FME. For example, there are very few women that drive in Afghanistan. The few that do get the same… Read more →

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Angular default mode network connectivity across working memory loadVatansever, D., Manktelow, A. E., Sahakian, B. J., Menon, D. The surface is typically smooth. Moles that may have changed into skin cancer are often irregularly shaped, contain many colors, and are larger than the size of a pencil eraser. Most moles develop in youth or young adulthood. The 44 cover restaurant… Read more →

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Bardeen says the company has worked with customers to find real world use cases that would save time, effort and money using mixed reality with HoloLens. They cite companies like Chevron, Ford andThyssenKrupp Elevators as organizations actively embracing this kind of technology, but it still not clear if HoloLens and mixed reality will become a central component of business in… Read more →

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Later that day, up in Allentown, I met Richard Yanzsa, an engineering consultant for the steel industry, who said, “Don’t let anyone tell you the stimulus isn’t working. People are ordering steel again. General Motors and Chrysler are building cars again. In addition to his business accomplishments, Larry is a loving husband to his wife Denise and a devoted father.… Read more →

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