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“Alexandria is a town of small businesses, and therefore developing relationships. It’s providing individuals with avenues to explore what they care about in ways in which they might help others,” Porter said. “Inside, we all want to make a difference. And Elliott, Paul and Flexeder, Claudia and Frayling, Tim and Gaillard, Romy and Groen Blokhuis, Maria and Goh, Liang Kee… Read more →

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Problem solving. An experimental study was run in the context of a two weeks preparatory course for beginning mathematics teacher students (N = 101). Mathematical argumentation skills were conceptualized as consisting of an individual mathematical and a social discursive component. The Senka members do not belong to any one troupe. The members of The Senka are floaters specialists who add… Read more →

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In particular, Modulated Model Predictive Control (MPC) was recently introduced and showed significantly better performance than the standard MPC. The control scheme used in this paper utilises MPC for the current inner loop and PI controllers for the outer loop. The use of MPC allows very fast transient current response for the S/G system. As useful as all of these… Read more →

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“This galaxy has really had a wild past,” Stanimirovic said. Because of this, however, “the dust content and the abundance of heavy elements in the Small Magellanic Cloud are much lower than in our galaxy,” she said, “while the interstellar radiation field from stars is more intense than in the Milky Way galaxy. All these elements were present in the… Read more →

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Here, we use the same three paths to compare the performance of single reference EOM CC methods against MRCISD and MRCISD+Q We find that the spin flip variant of EOM CCSD with perturbative inclusion of triple excitations (dT or IT) produces potential energy profiles of the two lowest electronic states in quantitative agreement with MRCISD+Q (our highest quality reference method).… Read more →

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In short, developers will have to register their application, get an access token, plug into the API, then ensure access tokens are properly refreshed. Developers that want to test out Beats API can use something Beats calls Playground, convenient online tool that lets you run our APIs with just a few mouse clicks. I don have Beats subscriber base numbers… Read more →

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From a comparison with more nearby hypernovae, the astronomers are able to fix with good accuracy the moment of the stellar explosion. It turns out to be within an interval of plus/minus two days of the gamma ray burst. This unique conclusion provides compelling evidence that the two events are directly connected.. In multivariable models confirmation of viraemia by RNA… Read more →

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