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In the present study, a direct injection CI engine, was fuelled with three different gaseous fuels: methane, propane, and butane. The engine performance at various gaseous concentrations was recorded at 1500 r/min and quarter, half, and three quarters relative to full a load of 18.7 kW. In order to investigate the combustion performance, a novel three zone heat release rate… Read more →

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We rigorously prove that by combining the advantages of k operators, several hybrid algorithmic schemes have optimal asymptotic performance on the easiest functions for each individual operator. In particular, the hybrid algorithms using CHM and SBM have optimal asymptotic performance on both ONEMAX and MINBLOCKS. We then investigate easiest functions for hybrid schemes and show that an easiest function for… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractArrays of eight, texture defined rectangles were used as stimuli in a one shot change blindness (CB) task where there was a 50% chance that one rectangle would change orientation between two successive presentations separated by an interval. CB was eliminated by cueing the target rectangle in the first stimulus, reduced by cueing in the interval and… Read more →