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Using biopython, I conducted a BLAST search for each contig. This annotation compares contigs to sequences in GenBank, the national repository of sequence data. Once annotated these contigs can be used to make comparisons of the genome contents of other species or to select gene sequences for further studies in the soapberry bug.We are witnessing the rapid development of technology… Read more →

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Body fat percentage and leg lean mass did not differ between athlete groups, but were 17% lower and 12% greater, respectively, in athlete groups compared with controls. Power normalized to body mass did not differ between any groups. Spine BMD was lower in late starters than controls, while early starters did not differ from late starters or controls. Canoe and… Read more →

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With hindsight I should have done a workshop. There were more questions than time to ask them. I halved the session; planning 15 minutes to raise issues and 15 minutes to talk about them. Trait impulsivity is elevated in many psychiatric disorders, including borderline personality disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There is also strong evidence that both state and… Read more →

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Subtle changes in our environment impact us dramatically. There are many more resilient species’ on earth. Life on this planet can continue long after humans are gone. At present, most researches on supply chain partnerships have been carried out based on enterprises in developed countries. Very few theoretical and empirical studies have been based on developing countries, and in particular,… Read more →

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