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Pretty intimate. With the new rules in effect, the TSA can now use a sliding motion to pat down travelers, which can include checking inner thighs and buttocks. That sliding technique prompted the viral “don’t touch my junk” video. The group was formed after the Michael Brown shooting five years ago to investigate complaints against police. Has apathy set in… Read more →

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Here we report an image analysis pipeline that provides quantitative descriptors of plant leaf intercellular airspace using lab based X ray Computed Tomography (microCT). The imaging pipeline consisted of (1) a masking operation to remove the background airspace surrounding the leaf, (2) segmentation by an automated threshold in ImageJ and then (3) quantification of the extracted pores using the ImageJ… Read more →

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At right, methane is a non polar solvent, due to the symmetrical distribution of hydrogen atoms (H) around a central carbon atom (C). Could phospholipid bilayer membranes form in liquid methane on Titan? The answer is no. Unlike water, the methane molecule has an even distribution of electrical charges. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) occurs in up to one fifth of… Read more →

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Recently, nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) with part based representation has been widely used for appearance modelling in visual tracking. Unfortunately, not all the targets can be successfully decomposed as “parts” unless some rigorous conditions are satisfied. To avoid this problem, this paper introduces NMF’s variants into the visual tracking framework in the view of data clustering for appearance modelling. Valuations… Read more →

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Reconstructions of the procapsid and the expanded capsid defined the structure of the single vertex containing the portal protein. Together with a 1.95 resolution crystal structure of the portal protein and DNA packaging assays, these reconstructions indicate that capsid expansion affects the conformation of the portal protein, while still allowing DNA to be packaged. These observations suggest a mechanism by… Read more →

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Belts worn by women must hug either their hips or waists. So for the ideal fit, rhinestone belts would be a size larger than the waist size. Wholesale Rhinestone Belts and buckles come in various sizes and shapes such as simple plastic, ornamental, novelty, western, and rhinestone studded ones. ITEM NO SUPPLIES/SERVICES QUANTITY UNIT UNIT PRICE AMOUNT 0001 1 Each… Read more →

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“Baltimore City Recreation and Parks is aware of the vandalism that took place in Patterson Park. As caretakers of the Park, our Parks Maintenance Division is working diligently with the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP) to assess the damage. We understand the sensitivity of this matter and will work with City Hall and the Friends of Patterson Park… Read more →

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