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In a sub group of 30 mares, association between pregnancy loss and the presence of five common Thoroughbred horse haplotypes of the equine Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) was assessed. This involved development of sequence specific, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reactions and in several mares, measurement of cytotoxic T lymphocyte activity. Of the 46 mares, 10 suffered late gestation pregnancy loss… Read more →

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Unfortunately, the pools have seen several attempts of destruction and vandalism throughout the years, the site becoming a popular party place for more unruly soakers who usually come at night, often leaving broken glass, misplaced rocks, and other litter in their wake. Just earlier this year, in April, the third pool suffered a serious vandalism. A large section of the… Read more →

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Understanding the non equilibrium behavior of quantum systems is a major goal of contemporary physics. Already such a simple setting poses substantial theoretical challenges for the investigation of the real time post quench quantum dynamics. In classical many body systems the Kolmogorov Mehl Johnson Avrami model describes the phase transformation kinetics of a system that is quenched across a first… Read more →

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And Ghosh, T. And Giard, M. And Giraud Hraud, Y. These organizations, however, are often stretched thin for funding. To deal with this, many will apply for grants from the government and other charitable organizations. These grants are in high demand, thus the selection committees have to make tough choices of who will receive additional funding. I should be single,… Read more →

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