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This was the case with the repeated parole hearings requested by notorious child killer Clifford Olson.30 years I haven really had a chance to heal some wounds because of him, Ray King, father of Olson victim Ray King Jr., said after Olson 2011 death from cancer.At Bernardo first hearing on Wednesday, the families of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French attended… Read more →

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The toxicity of most commercial corrosion inhibitors and strict environmental legislations have required the development of environmentally friendly, cheap and non toxic inhibitors. The use of natural products, especially of plant origin as corrosion inhibitors has become an area of increasing research because plant extracts contain an incredibly rich source of natural chemical compounds which can be extracted by simple… Read more →

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If you added the mass slowly, you might actually be able to maintain the Earth orbit, but it on the boundary of stability. Mercury and Venus would probably be fine, as would Uranus and Neptune not sure about Saturn. You expect a period of asteroid/comet encounters, since the extra mass would disturb the asteroid/Kuiper belts.. Cleveland Plain Dealer reports DeShone… Read more →

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A thematic synthesis approach was used to synthesise findings.Results: A total of eight studies were included in the meta synthesis. Analysis produced an explanatory framework detailing factors underlying benzodiazepine prescribing. This revealed that benzodiazepine prescribing is viewed as a complex task, and prescribing decisions are influenced by interaction between the following: the context within which benzodiazepine prescribing is taking place,… Read more →

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Secretory granule exocytosis is a tightly regulated process requiring granule targeting, tethering, priming, and membrane fusion. At the heart of this process is the SNARE complex, which drives fusion through a coiled coil zippering effect mediated by the granule v SNARE protein, VAMP2, and the plasma membrane t SNAREs, SNAP 25 and syntaxin 1A. Here we demonstrate that in pancreatic… Read more →

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Special relativity has been tested sixty ways to Sunday, and there are no experimental results which contradict it (or, rather, none which are reproducible). It is incorporated into all modern theories of physics, particularly quantum electrodynamics (which is the most precisely tested scientific theory, period), and general relativity. It is also (!) mathematically consistent (self consistent, internally consistent), and reduces… Read more →

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