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The DOL regularly does outreach with colleges to help protect the rights of students. But what about older interns, many of whom graduated years ago? “That’s not the typical scenario that’s been on our radar screen,” says Nancy Leppink, the DOL’s wage and hour deputy administrator. “The fact of the matter is, the legal requirements aren’t any different.”. “What is… Read more →

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In doing so, a stronger understanding of practical considerations behind the management of the city’s cultural heritage is established and employed to further develop the conceptual framework, as well as a set of recommendations that seek to benefit the city and its stakeholders.o To identify gaps and contributions concerning the heritage management of the city, by examining existing literature, as… Read more →

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Measure A: Assessment to fund Los Angeles County Parks. OPPOSE. The per square footage assessment formula is too heavily weighted against business and commercial interests who will be paying significantly higher assessments than residential properties. The talk of the day at the Legislature (besides the Sussudio was the “former fetus” sign state Rep. Jonathan Stickland tacked on the Capitol walloutside… Read more →

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