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TThe human placenta is a critical life support system that nourishes and protects a rapidly growing fetus; aunique organ, species specific in structure and function. We consider the pressing challenge of providingadditional advice on the safety of prescription medicines and environmental exposures in pregnancy andhow ex vivo and in vitro human placental models might be advanced to reproducible human placentaltest… Read more →

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Serious ActingTowards the end of the 1980s, the comedian began to broaden his horizons. He starred in a BBC production, Coast To Coast, and achieved one of his dreams in 1990 by signing a three film deal with Disney’s Touchstone Pictures subsidiary. The first of these was True Identity (1991), a comedy about mistaken identity. In their experiments, Naim’s team… Read more →

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Yet these types of attacks on women’s health are pervasive throughout the country. During the 2013 state legislative sessions, more than 700 measures were introduced on women’s health in nearly all 50 states. With recent and high profile developments in Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, and North Carolina, women are connecting the dots and not liking what they see. And if you’re… Read more →

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Thus, using MBSR and MBCT in DM patients may help alleviate psychological problems of anxiety and depression and improve glycaemic control as a result.Results: Research evidence has shown that patients with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and anxiety disorders have a higher risk of developing DM than the general population. Explicitly, evidence indicates that the prevalence of psychological problems is… Read more →

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Le passage litigieux: Canada, terre de nos aeux. Les brillants cerveaux du Globe ont traduit, dans leur grand savoir encyclopdique, aeux par forefathers, mot anglais qui ne dsigne que les anctres masculins. Or, a dduit l’ditorial du Globe and Mail, les francophones aussi sont un peu sexistes: ils ne parlent pas des foremothers, les anctres fminines. It may also be… Read more →