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The presence of organic salts as drug counter ions and buffers in hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) matrices is often overlooked. This study investigates their potential to influence polymer solution properties and matrix drug release kinetics.A homologous series of aliphatic organic salts influenced solution and matrix properties in rank order of hydrocarbon chain length. Monovalent salts containing 1to4 C atoms had little effect… Read more →

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And Sale, Michle M. And Saleheen, Danish and Salomaa, Veikko and Snchez Mora, Cristina and Schmidt, Carsten Oliver and Schmidt, Helena and Schmidt, Reinhold and Schrks, Markus and Scott, Rodney and Segal, Helen C. And Seiler, Stephan and Seshadri, Sudha and Sharma, Pankaj and Shuldiner, Alan R. “It’s a clear violation of the fourth amendment that’s very invasive, not necessarily… Read more →

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The biggest seller in France after the Big Mac is a mustard topped burger called Le Royal Deluxe. Some Asian locations serve fried shrimp in a Big Mac roll, while McDonald’s in India don’t serve beef at all, relying instead on burgers made from veggies, rice and beans. Brazilian McDonald’s offer baked banana pies for dessert. Treating the Different Types… Read more →

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Diabetes: Some preliminary research suggests that glucosamine might raise blood sugar in people with diabetes. However, more reliable research indicates that glucosamine does not seem to significantly affect blood sugar control in people with type 2 diabetes. Glucosamine with routine blood sugar monitoring appears to be safe for most people with diabetes.. The relationship between venous blood oxygenation and change… Read more →

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22. That represents 63.7% of games without fisticuffs and is the highest percentage of fight free games since 2006 07. That up from the last time October games were played in the 2011 12 season (93.3%). In situ alloying within laser powder bed fusion, specifically Selective Laser Melting (SLM), has been investigated for the formulation of novel alloys from elemental… Read more →

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