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Tapping into a peculiar and moody world of aloof little girls wandering through unsettled landscapes, Chavez creates characters that feel like her personal avatars; we as viewers peer into her deeply personal realm. The rough brushwork of “Let Evening Come” and “Transformation” combine elements of folksy ex votos with hip supernaturalism. Her scenes are both sleepy and creepy.. His approach… Read more →

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In this paper, the development of a coupled centrifuge numerical model (CCNM) pseudo dynamic hybrid test for the study of tunnel building interaction is presented. The methodology takes advantage of the relative merits of centrifuge tests (modelling soil behaviour and soil pile interactions) and numerical simulations (modelling building deformations and load redistribution), with pile load and displacement data being passed… Read more →

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These new routes lay within potentially attractive scenery, did not cross private land and avoided busier roads all of these criteria were identified by participants as affecting their enjoyment of the route. Environmental considerations were also included, and the improved routes avoided the most fragile land and designated the SACs, SPAs and the National Park.Additional Information:The research presented here considers… Read more →

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National Aviary exhibits do refer to climate change, as does the polar bear habitat at the Pittsburgh Zoo PPG Aquarium. The Carnegie facilities address the topic in educational programs and its natural history museum briefly mentions climate change in an Everglades diorama and a gallery on human population impacts. And at Phipps, executive director Richard Piacentini noted, ventures like the… Read more →

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And Efstathiou, G. And Elsner, F. And Falgarone, E. A normal range of age and sex related normal bone morphology and mineralisation values of healthy commercial broilers were sequentially sampled across 6 commercial farms from 24 flocks of birds and data presented. The whole body phosphorus content determined showed that, despite the improvements in growth rate and muscle mass observed… Read more →

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Background: Information and communication technologies (ICTs) and more specifically e health are viewed as important tools within healthcare. They are used to support clinical activities such as interactions between healthcare professionals and patients, clinical self development, patient education, routine clinical activities, and also have the potential to address many challenges affecting healthcare sectors globally. However, there is still limited information… Read more →

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Chemical treatments were optimised and investigated for their effect on interfacial shear strength (IFSS) between polymer/glass, wettability and degradation behaviour. Chemically treated PBG was also assessed for cytocompatibility of elution products, short term direct contact with MG63 osteosarcoma and long term direct contact with primary human osteoblasts. All selected surface treatment chemicals except amino phosphonic acid (APA) improved the interfacial… Read more →

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