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Next, with the mobile phone TMs acceleration sensor, a new step counting method based on auto correlation analysis is proposed to achieve cell phone inertial navigation positioning. Furthermore, the integration of WiFi positioning with Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) obtains higher positional accuracy with the help of the Unscented Kalman Filter algorithm. Finally, a hybrid 3D positioning system based on Unity… Read more →

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To explore this possibility further, F. Schweizer (Carnegie Observatories) located Hubble’s original plate in the Carnegie Observatories archives and performed an eyeball comparison of the position of Hubble’s nova with that of PNV J00423804+4108417, finding them to match within 1.5. You can see the images for yourself here. Self care, aka taking a little “me” time, is one of those… Read more →

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Bertone, who serves as Vatican Secretary of State, chose not to politely shoot down a question that has come up numerous times since the crisis erupted: Would the priestly vows of celibacy be reconsidered? “Many psychologists and psychiatrists have demonstrated that there is no relation between celibacy and pedophilia. But many others have demonstrated, I have been told recently, that… Read more →

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DLG Pr Carl Albrecht Bartmer verwies mit Blick auf das anhaltende Wachstum der Weltbev auf die Notwendigkeit, die Fl im Ackerbau zu erh Dies sei dringend erforderlich, da die weltweit verf fruchtbaren Agrarfl nur unwesentlich vermehrt werden k und deren Ertragsf sich durch klimatische Effekte ver w m die Lehren aus Lampedusa ziehen und uns auch im ges Deutschland der… Read more →

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Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in Syria, where the scale of the exodus has reached crisis proportions. Over nine million people have fled the murderous regime of Bashar al Assad. Approximately 2.8 million refugees have successfully crossed the border into adjacent countries, with Lebanon now hosting more than one million registered Syrians, and Jordan and Turkey hosting a… Read more →

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Publication detailsJournalAnatomical sciences educationDatePublished 18 Nov 2009Issue number1Volume3Number of pages6Pages (from to)33 8Original languageEnglishAbstractOne hundred and thirty three preclinical medical students participated in 24 focus groups over the period 2007 2009 at Durham University. Focus groups were conducted to ascertain whether or not medical students found body painting anatomical structures to be an educationally beneficial learning activity. Data were analyzed… Read more →

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