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“Getting comfortable starts with getting curious,” McDaniel says. “When you put aside self judgment and approach masturbation with an open and curious mind, it helps you get comfortable in your own skin.” One good approach: Start exploring. Gunsaullus suggests setting a timer for 15 to 20 minutes, grabbing a hand mirror, and getting acquainted with not just the feel, but… Read more →

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However, China has its limits. If the Kim regime collapsed, a massive influx of refugees would certainly make their way into the People Republic. Troops, and reunification might put them right on China border. (Vv. 339 384.) Alexander, with his tongue well skilled in speaking fair and wisely, salutes the King. “King,” he says, “unless the report is false that… Read more →

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Sasha’s performance was one of 17 drag story events planned for LGBTQ History Month. Diversity coordinator Christy Mulligan says the library system started getting far flung complaints and threats long before any of the performances even took place. But the photo gave detractors much more ammo to work with.. Having been with Yorkshire for so long, I always had set… Read more →

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The plague of shootings erupting primarily in the northwest neighborhoods of Pasadena is “an urgent and important matter,” Gordo said, “because it involves the safety of children and families in their neighborhoods, and in our city parks. And beyond that, it involves the image and reputation of the City of Pasadena. So, for all of those reasons, especially the safety… Read more →