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Then we have the Australian Medical Association, labelling Dutton when he was health minister in the Abbott government as the “worst health minister in living memory”. Is Peter Dutton really the right man for the highest office in the land? Douglas Mackenzie, Deakin What can the Liberal party gain from Peter Dutton as leader? His only known policies exploit popular… Read more →

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There are lobbyists then there are lobbyists like Jack Lee and Glenn Woodard. During the Golden Era of the Florida Legislature, the and the lobbyists that would turn any legislators head operated as a team, although they represented different clients Lee of Associated Industries and the Dean of the lobbyists, crusty Glenn Woodard of Winn Dixie Supermarkets. As the expression… Read more →

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The P60 is the first SoC to bring dedicated neural network accelerators into the mid range. MediaTek denomination for such IP is APU (AI Processing Unit) so that yet another term added to the varied basket of abbreviations from different companies. MediaTek wouldn disclose the IP provider but say it a dual core implementation offering 2x140GMACs. Like our team attitude,… Read more →

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Continuing to accept tens of millions of dollars each year in advertising funds from drug companies whose products dominate the pages of the Journal of the American Medical Association. Many of the drugs advertised in JAMA are, in fact, the very same drugs that are right now killing tens of thousands of Americans each year, according to senior drug safety… Read more →

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