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Statistical analysis of dynamic systems, such as videos and dynamic functional connectivity, is often translated into a problem of analyzing trajectories of relevant features, particularly covariance matrices. As an example, in video based action recognition, a natural mathematical representation of activity videos is as parameterized trajectories on the set of symmetric, positive definite matrices (SPDMs). The variable execution rates of… Read more →

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Until that happens, your best bet as a consumer is to avoid prescription drugs entirely and find other ways like nutrition and physical exercise to attain optimum health. And don’t trust anything you hear from the popular press about prescription drugs. In all the articles I’ve seen about these new cholesterol guidelines so far, only one has mentioned the financial… Read more →

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Internet trading means that traditional suppliers of low gluten communion bread are being undercut by others who only have commercial interests, so that ultimately it could become a case of ice cream wafers and who knows what that is provided. John L Smith, Farrer IDEOLOGY WINS VOTERS Twenty five years on and the feral abacus (Paul Keating famous description of… Read more →

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) A federal judge on Friday refused to dismiss gun charges against a Coast Guard lieutenant accused of being a domestic terrorist who stockpiled weapons and drafted a hit list of prominent Democrats and TV journalists. District Judge George Hazel rejected defense attorneys’ argument that charging Christopher Hasson with unlawful possession of firearm silencers violates his Second… Read more →

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The results presented herein are in terms of BER, PSNR and visual performances. It is evident from the presented results that effective FEC schemes are necessary for reliable transmission of digital media in a mobile wireless scenario. Image transmission over fading channels using RS CC versus LDPC coding.. “Manitoba and Hydro need to learn that they have to treat our… Read more →

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