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Then two days later during Bill King’s XM radio show, Morris, when speculating whether or not Spurrier would take questions during his weekly press conference later that day, said, “This is a real test for the administration. This is how things like Penn State happen when the administration won’t step up and confront the football coach and he becomes all… Read more →

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The simulation results show similar trends to the rigid particle results with increased packing fraction. The effects of number of sub elements, joint properties and contact friction are examined. The model has the potential for predicting packing of fibrous particles and fibre bundles relevant to the preparation of preforms for the production of discontinuously reinforced polymer, ceramic and metallic matrix… Read more →

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Like many of the 48 constellations recognized by Ptolemy, Coma Berenices traces it routes back to ancient Mesopotamia. To Babylonian astronomers, it was known as Hegala, which translated to “which is before it”. However, the first recorded mention comes from Conon of Samos, the 3rd century BCE court astronomer to Ptolemy III Euergetes the Greek Egyptian king. And Mortlock, D.… Read more →

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You see, the label of “criminal” is misleading. It’s not accurate to point at someone and say, “He’s a criminal,” or “She’s not a criminal.” Criminality comes in shades of grey. Under the right circumstances, almost everyone is capable of certain acts considered criminal. You want to call it vision, (Cassidy) had it, because he knew where the puck was… Read more →

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