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There is no special Kalki provision in our policies.You indicate that you are using these accounts because you find it a meaningful way to express yourself. Since you have given no compelling reason for using a single alternative account, I see the deceptive comments that you made to cover for the massive number of accounts as very problematic.Previous attempts over… Read more →

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Will humans one day be able to live forever? Google Director of Engineering, Ray Kurzweil, thinks it a possibility. He says that living in a fleshly shell for eternity could become a reality as soon as 2029, when scientists are set to unveil special that will supposedly be able to navigate throughout people bodies to fight disease and prevent death.In… Read more →

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Lee, from its sanctuary.Whether to remove the names of Confederate leaders from Alexandria street signs is also under review, and some street names are likely to be changed. “The Appomattox,” the statue of a weary, defeated Confederate soldier at the intersection of South Washington and Prince streets is another potential target for removal.We think the general conversation is good, though… Read more →

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Methods: We used segmented regression to compare rates of MRSA and MSSA bacteraemia in the pre intervention, implementation, and post intervention phases for combined intervention packages in eight acute hospitals.Findings: Most of the change in MSSA and MRSA rates occurred during the implementation phase. During this phase, there were significant downward trends in MRSA rates for seven of eight acute… Read more →

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The tetravalent state is common for the carbon group. The divalent state is rare for carbon and silicon, minor for germanium, important (but not prevailing) for tin, and is the more important of the two oxidation states for lead. This is attributable to relativistic effects, specifically the inert pair effect, which manifests itself when there is a large difference in… Read more →

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The results don’t contradict the basic physics of crashes. Size and weight are still key, and a small, lightweight vehicle is going to fare worse than a big, heavy vehicle in a crash. In general, SUVs and pickups are heavier than cars, so in that sense different types of vehicles always will be mismatched. Citric or comparable acids at 0.1%… Read more →

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