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A 7 year old girl is in critical condition after she was shot while trick or treating in the city Little Village neighborhood on Halloween. Thursday while she was trick or treating with her family. Chicago Police Sgt. Baseline assessment will include demographic data, average pain within the last week (VAS), fear avoidance behaviours, catastrophising, self efficacy, sport and leisure… Read more →

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Now, I’m not saying this to discredit the channel or any of the pricing mentioned here. In fact, I’m a strong supporter of health food stores, and I believe in local distribution of these products. The fact is, you are paying for the convenience of having these products inventoried locally. This series also features four NBA Finals MVP in Lebron… Read more →

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Renewable energy production has boomed across the globe in recent years, driven by improvements to solar and wind turbines, increased economies of scale, and in some cases, significant government subsidies. This, in turn, has sparked a great many conversations over whether or not renewables are sufficiently advanced to provide significant amounts of base load power, the estimated cost of transitioning… Read more →

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The idea for the program was inspired by Maria Marks, a William Floyd Elementary School student who was diagnosed with cancer at a young age. Between the ages of two weeks and six months, she underwent numerous chemotherapy sessions. The constant exposure to the radiation resulted in Maria losing her hearing in both ears and now she must wear hearing… Read more →

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When observing the state of modern medicine and the unprecedented influence of pharmaceuticals, an interesting paradox arises. The drug companies claim that pharmaceuticals can do wonders for people: lower their cholesterol, end clinical depression, reverse osteoporosis, eliminate allergies, calm your children and many other similar promises. But if prescription drugs are so good for people, where are all the healthy… Read more →

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Anecdotally, we have noticed fewer rendering bugs and other graphics issues with ATI cards and drivers under Vista than with GeForce 8800s. The text doesn display properly in the free Hold Extra though the Gothic 3 crash bug, has apparently been fixed. The fact that we haven seen these bugs with ATI hardware and software doesn mean they don exist,… Read more →

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Then jump both feet out, landing in a squat on same step. Repeat, jumping to second step, landing with left foot. Continue to top, alternating sides. Well, there are a number of reasons, which include the similarities between our two planets, the availability of water, the prospects for generating food, oxygen, and building materials on site. And there’s even the… Read more →

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Selection hyper heuristics perform search over the space of heuristics by mixing and controlling a predefined set of low level heuristics for solving computationally hard combinatorial optimisation problems. Being reusable methods, they are expected to be applicable to multiple problem domains, hence performing well in cross domain search. HyFlex is a general purpose heuristic search API which separates the high… Read more →

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