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The Cross Border Xpress terminal can be seen behind the border wall. The terminal connects airline passengers to Tijuana International Airport via an exclusive port of entry in San Diego. From Mexico for work. Texture parameters and reconstructed topography profiles obtained as a result of XCT measurements are investigated and compared to measurements by coherence scanning interferometry (CSI) and focus… Read more →

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And that’s precisely why you continued to see the headlines dominated by the rather worthless discussion of low fat versus low carb diets. It’s a classic shell game deception, all orchestrated for your entertainment by the very same industry that’s giving you chronic disease. Adams is a trusted, independent journalist who receives no money or promotional fees whatsoever to write… Read more →

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However, it is unknown whether this putatively maladaptive strategy relates to problematic online gaming and whether it is a gender dependent association. Consequently, the present study examined how emotion regulation strategies, and particularly rumination, related to problem gaming and tested whether gender moderated this relationship in adolescents. In a national representative adolescent sample, 46.9% of the participants (N = 1,646)… Read more →

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Charter Schools have evolved on Long Island over the last 15 years and offer an alternative to the traditional education system. While publicly funded, they are not bound by all the major rules and regulations of public schools. Instead, charter schools embrace creative teaching methods and educational reforms that set them apart from public schools. I pick up on three… Read more →

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