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Together, Hawking and Hertog developed a variation of this concept to project out the dimension of time in eternal inflation. This enabled them to describe eternal inflation without having to rely on General Relativity, thus reducing inflation to a timeless state defined on a spatial surface at the beginning of time. In this respect, the new theory represents a change… Read more →

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Staff reported organising environmental challenges to foster independence and resourcefulness as pivotal to developing mental toughness which was broadly similar to an autonomy supportive approach to coach athlete relations. Senior players were used as mentors for aspiring professionals. Consistent with previous studies concerning the development of mental toughness, coaches reported a greater emphasis on manipulating environmental factors rather than formal… Read more →

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4. Require that all e cigarettes shall be uncharged at the time of purchase. I recently bought a Juul to see what all the controversy is about. Such films and the production of wildly popular TV series including “The Walking Dead” and “Stranger Things” have resulted in an estimated $2.7 billion pouring into the Southern state from direct spending via… Read more →

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Hauer, B., 13 Feb 2019Article in The Journal of BiochemistryThe Molecular Mechanisms of Oxygen Activation and Hydrogen Peroxide Formation in Lytic Polysaccharide MonooxygenasesWang, B., Walton, P. H. Rovira, C., 22 Apr 2019Article in ACS Catalysis. Today two staff members from Berklee were jamming with students at the Holland College School of Performing Arts. And there’s a chance for more jamming… Read more →