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Identifying characteristics of troublemakers in online social networks, those contacts who violate norms via disagreeable or unsociable behaviour, is vital for supporting preventative strategies for undesirable, psychologically damaging online interactions. To date characterising troublemakers has relied on self reports focused on the network holder, largely overlooking the role of network friends. In the present study, information was obtained on 5113… Read more →

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Palliyaguru became involved in a collaborative effort to pinpoint the elusive signal whose existence Einstein predicted in 1905. February 11, 2015 was a big day for humanity when LIGO announced the details of the biggest discovery of the decade gravitational waves. Nipuni works in collaboration with LIGO and several telescope facilities to follow up on gravitational wave sources.. After delivering… Read more →

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La dcision de la championne olympique, double championne du monde, est justifie par deux raisons. La premire est que Laure prouve aujourd’hui un tat de saturation qui la prive du plaisir et de l’envie de nager. (.) Aujourd’hui, sans cette envie qui l’a conduite se constituer l’un des plus beaux palmars de la natation mondiale, Laure n’est plus mme de… Read more →

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Saturn’s largest moon is icy Titan, which has an atmosphere of mostly nitrogen and small amounts of carbon dioxide and ethane in a double haze layer. The satellite Mimas boasts one of the largest impact craters compared with the size of the satellite that we know of. Named Herschel Crater (after the moon’s discoverer Sir William Herschel), it measures approximately… Read more →

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High throughput screening (HTS) assesses compound libraries for “activity” using target assays. A subset of HTS data contains a large number of sample measurements replicated a small number of times providing an opportunity to introduce the distribution of standard deviations (DSD). Applying the DSD to some HTS data sets revealed signs of bias in some of the data and discovered… Read more →

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