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If businesses wouldn let them use the cards for things other than what they were meant for (food) this wouldn be happening. Another bonehead from our Republican lead state government. Idiots. My favorite spot to catch live hip hop is, hands down, House of Mtenzi Museum (1289 Madison Ave.). The low stage and DIY atmosphere reminds me of the hardcore… Read more →

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There’s an absentee ballot process and so you vote in the community where you were living. So I’ll be voting as a former Chicago resident. That city is really in turmoil right now. Once there, Herschel continued his musical career by playing cello and harpsichord eventually composing 24 symphonies, a handful of concertos and religious music. He continued to be… Read more →

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The structure of the paper is similar to that presented in the 2013 Planck release; the main differences concern the beam normalization and the delivery of the window functions to be used for polarization analysis. The in flight assessment of the LFI main beams relies on measurements performed during observations of Jupiter. By stacking data from seven Jupiter transits, the… Read more →

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I had nightmares for months after my robbery, and in the course of remembering and writing this piece, I’ve had them again. It’s an experience that reprogrammed my personal wiring. The feelings of powerlessness and fear inflicted during an act of violence aren’t unique to women, of course, but women experience them much more frequently.. G., Richardson, M., Markovic, M.… Read more →

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