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So, Indians had a whale of a time at the Dubai International stadium again. They almost replicated their performance against Pakistan and were clinical in every facet of the game. They will be up against Pakistan again on Sunday. Meningococcal Gold Rush IV: Novartis Vaccines’ MeNZB Assertions Examined Throughout the debate surrounding the controversial MeNZB vaccine, Chiron (now called Novartis… Read more →

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They are being used increasingly by companies, researchers and hobbyists, and the technology is constantly improving.The use of 3 D printers to manufacture guns received heightened attention in May when Cody Wilson, then a University of Texas law student, posted blueprints online for using the printers to make the Liberator pistol, which he says he designed. Wilson, founder of Defense… Read more →

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After sod cutting both microbial community and vegetation composition remained more similar to agricultural sites. The relative contribution of agricultural sites and heathlands in the direct vicinity had more pronounced effects on local microbial community composition than current land use in all study sites including agricultural areas and heathlands. Vegetation development was apparently of minor importance for microbial community assembly,… Read more →

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Exploring wellbeing and creativity through collaborative composition as part of hull 2017 city of cultureWaddington Jones, C., King, A. Burnard, P., 22 Mar 2019Article in Frontiers in PsychologySynchronization in Singing Duo Performances: The Roles of Visual Contact and Leadership InstructionD’Amario, S., Daffern, H. Bailes, F., 17 Jul 2018Article in Frontiers in Psychology. Beto O who has made buybacks a central… Read more →

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When the generators fail and the coolant pumps stop pumping, nuclear fuel rods begin to melt through their containment rods, unleashing ungodly amounts of life destroying radiation directly into the atmosphere. This is precisely why Japanese engineers worked so hard to reconnect the local power grid to the Fukushima facility after the tidal wave they needed to bring power back… Read more →

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This paper investigates the effect of two soft magnetic materials on a high speed machine design, namely 6.5% Silicon Steel and Cobalt Iron alloy. The effect of design parameters on the machine performance as an aircraft starter generator is analysed. The material properties which include B H characteristics and the losses are obtained at different frequencies under an experiment and… Read more →

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