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The influenza pandemic that emerged in 2009 provided an unprecedented opportunity to study adaptation of a virus recently acquired from an animal source during human transmission. In the United Kingdom, the novel virus spread in three temporally distinct waves between 2009 and 2011. Phylogenetic analysis of complete viral genomes showed that mutations accumulated over time. For some reason, everybody in… Read more →

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It a rotten disease. It takes your life away from you. I continue to think about him and can wait to see him soon. The condition is a medical emergency requiring hospitalisation, monitoring and management of any co existing problems. Alcoholics who have managed to develop delirium tremens may well be malnourished, suffering from liver failure or infection, bleeding from… Read more →

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Extra skin can act like a baseball cap, which can cause people to have trouble seeing above them. I had patients who regularly bump into cabinets or doors because they just don see them says SLUCare ocular plastic surgeon,Dr. Gabriela Espinoza. The pursuit of sustainable hydrocarbon alternatives to fossil fuels has prompted an acceleration in the development of new technologies… Read more →

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Heterogeneity of methods prevented further quantitative analysis. Reproducibility was good overall. For the metrics having three or more ICCs reported for both functional and structural networks, six of seven were higher in structural networks, indicating that structural networks may be more reliable over time.. On a vehicle for violation of a traffic control signal. During the traffic stop, the driver… Read more →

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