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Understand the Vancouver Police are pulling together all available resources to catch those responsible. Vancouver Police are getting all necessary support from the province through the anti gang unit, CFSEU BC. British Columbians are encouraged to assist the police. Prescription drugs damage your nervous systemPrescription drugs slam your nervous system and greatly impair cognitive function. Statin drugs are one class… Read more →

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Vision aided inertial navigation, as one possible solution to that problem, has become very popular in indoor localization with satisfied performance than individual PDR system. In the literature however, previous studies use fixed platform and the visual tracking uses feature extraction based methods. This paper instead contributes a distributed implementation of positioning system and uses deep learning for visual tracking.… Read more →

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Law enforcement; andIn today’s world, cities must compete for business and brain power. Research shows that to do this, they must treat their LGBT citizens with dignity and respect. Professor Florida is a pioneer in research into how the nurturing of a “creative class” (entrepreneurs, artists and architects, researchers, scientists, engineers, and other professionals) creates prosperous, economically competitive cities.. No… Read more →