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As Foretold In Amos 9th Ch., Many Doomed Wicked Major Cities Will Horrifically Burn Down Due To Unstoppable Supernatural Pure Fire Ultra Intense Plasma Arc Lightning Bolts And Pure Sulphur Brimstone: The Covert Highly Destructive Utilization Of Extremely Intrusive Portal Stargate Jumpgate Starry Supernova Window Intrusion Wormhole Opening Fallen Angel Inspired Tesla Technologies Cleverly Disguised And Constructed As Various Infrastructures/Circuit… Read more →

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Look at Garden of the Gods Park. It’s one of the most notable small landscapes in the world, a place that attracts virtually every visitor to the Pikes Peak region. For decades, we’ve obligingly provided visitors with unlimited free vehicular access, including expensively maintained roads and parking lots. The pursuit of accreditation has fostered a form of competitive mimicry reducing… Read more →

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In addition to positioning inaccuracy, location based services can suffer from other aspects of uncertainty, such as data incompleteness and inconsistency. There is no universal positioning technique which can provide the position of the user seamlessly indoors and outdoors with an acceptable degree of accuracy. Consequently, it is possible to lose the position of the user for a period of… Read more →

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Results from an amino acid racemization inter laboratory proficiency study: Design and performance evaluationPowell, J., Collins, M. J., Cussens, J., McLeod, N. Penkman, K. As he was treated for listeria, doctors discovered cancer. Before his death, Palmer wrote this: “I worry everyday that my physical and mental life will also be a burden on my wife and family trying to… Read more →