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Jimmy Fallon’s successful Tonight Show debut is lighting up the Internet, with social media buzzing about this sketch in particular borrowed from his previous Late Night gig. Fallon kicks things off with guest Will Smith tackling famous hip hop dance moves. The pair perform favorites like “The Running Man” and “The MC Hammer” before demonstrating a true classic. There are… Read more →

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The primary focus of activities was the generation of a substantial quantity of high quality visual material used in the creation/design of a two volume limited edition publication and accompanying pamphlet ISBN pending. A significant outcome from the success of the activities staged in Dessau, has been a cultural cross fertilisation via initiated collaboration with designers from China, Mexico, Pakistan,… Read more →

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I think the sky is the limit for him. Buccaneers boast the league top rushing defense, allowing just 68.6 yards per game and 3.0 yards per rush. That makes Sunday matchup particularly intriguing against the Seahawks, who average 130 yards per game on the ground (No. Gambling disorder is known to have a negatively detrimental impact on affected individual’s physical… Read more →

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Rounding out your top five brain busting locales: San Francisco in second (43.5%) followed by San Jose in third (43.2%), Raleigh, in North Carolina, came fourth (42.2%) and Boston, home to some of the world greatest universities (and undoubted best baseball team) was fifth with 42.2% of its population holding a degree. Being top of the tree doesn surprise John… Read more →

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Credit: Roger HutchinsonA bloody Moon iindeed! Notice how dark Oceanus Procellarum (top) appears. Credit: Chris Lyons”Super Blood Moon”. Credit: Alok SinghalNice montage of images from eclipse start to finish. Are these locations in evacuation zones? Know if each are at particular risk of flooding, or collapsing trees or powerlines. 3. Exercise Home Evacuation Plan Have an evacuation plan and practice… Read more →

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Factors affecting domestic energy consumption are explored, some of which relate to the building design, while others are under the direct control of the occupants. Significant findings related to home performance, home energy use, and tenants TM lifestyle are investigated in the first phase of the research. The total number of responses to the survey represents 10% of around 900… Read more →

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Where: Oakland Cemetery, Sag Harbor. When Sag Harbor Captain David Hand died at the age of 81 in 1840 he had already buried five wives. Captain Hand was celebrated Revolutionary war hero and shore whaling captain, according to the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum. Zero shreds of wrongdoing? Are you following the same investigation? Pretty much every person entangled in this… Read more →

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A quasi experimental longitudinal intervention study utilizing intervention and comparison groups was carried out with first year Malaysian college students in order to evaluate the effectiveness of a careers course designed to help students in their career decision making. Participants in both groups were given questionnaires assessing career decision self efficacy, career indecision and career decision making difficulties at various… Read more →

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