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All three of these subatomic particles are Fermions, a class of particle associated with matter that is either elementary (electrons) or composite (protons and neutrons) in nature. This means that electrons have no known internal structure, whereas protons and neutrons are made up of other subatomic particles. Called quarks. The spot is composed entirely of footage that O’Rourke and his… Read more →

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All this leads us to a startling realization, which is that we now have a system of medicine based on a collection of clinical evidence that was derived from studying how unhealthy, chronically diseased, malfunctioning human bodies respond to certain chemicals. That’s what we have today. So when people call it evidence based medicine, it’s actually not based on any… Read more →

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W. A., Jacobsen, A. S., Jones, O., Katramados, I., Keeling, D., Kirk, A., Klimek, I., Kogan, L., Leland, J., Lipschultz, B., Lloyd, B., Lovell, J., Madsen, B., Marshall, O., Martin, R., McArdle, G., McClements, K., McMillan, B., Meakins, A., Meyer, H. Introduction Life threatening critical illness affects over a quarter of a million children and adolescents (0 “18 years old)… Read more →

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Assembly reports only represent the opinions (and gathered evidence) of those who participate. They do not bind the community, rather, they represent that portion of the community which “shows up.” Delegable proxy, if used by participants, allows a small group to roughly represent a large group. Small scale discussion is generally necessary to find deep consensus, but the paradox is… Read more →

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TSA defends increased security, screening rules. Transportation Security Administration officials on Tuesday called increased security measures appropriate and said they have not decided when the new rules will end. A recent study questioned the effectiveness of X ray equipment in screening shoes for explosives; TSA officials said screening shoes by X ray is effective. As weird as this sounds, if… Read more →

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My sister lives in Texas. She recently downsized into a 3,500 square foot house. She considers it downsizing because she still had to get rid of stuff. Actual clinical capacity was calculated from scan duration and annual scan volumes. New Zealand national actual capacity was compared to predicted capacity from three international models. Potential clinical capacity was calculated from the… Read more →

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And Order Past and Present, the theme chosen for the 2016 module, looks at the roles violence has played in political and social order as well as the customs and cultural attitudes that have governed its use.The two Caltech faculty members who proposed the topic and are coordinating this particular module come at it from different but complementary angles. Jennifer… Read more →