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The paper proposes a framework for modelling financial contagion that is based on susceptible “infected “recovered transmission models from epidemic theory. This class of models addresses two important features of contagion modelling, which are a common shortcoming of most existing empirical approaches, namely the direct modelling of the inherent dependences that are involved in the transmission mechanism, and an associated… Read more →

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Central Columbia had lost just two regular season matches prior to falling to Lancaster Catholic, which was represented in each of the three postseason tournaments.Barbour and Saar faced a difficult challenge, but played well throughout the match.were as prepared as we could possibly be, Barbour said. Knew the competition was going to be tough, but we were just going to… Read more →

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Platelet activation leads to translocation of P selectin from alpha granules to the cell surface. Following activation with arachidonic acid (which is blocked by aspirin) or adenosine diphosphate (inhibited by clopidogrel) and fixation, samples may be stored or posted to a laboratory performing flow cytometric quantification of platelet P selectin expression. Acute myocardial infarction and ischemic stroke are associated with… Read more →

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During the Mississippian, 359 323 Million years ago (Ma), the continents were clustered around the South Pole, and shifting continental plates were closing in around the Tethys Ocean in the Eastern Hemisphere. This landmass (Gondwana), centered at high latitudes in the southern hemisphere, included South America, Africa, India, and Australia, and served as a base where ice sheets formed and… Read more →

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