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Less than 20 miles away in Moreno Valley, the Reche Fire has burned at least350 acresand was 10% contained Thursday evening. The fire went from 100 to 200 acres in about 90 minutes, before nearly doubling two hours later. Mandatory evacuations have been issued in surrounding areas, and the cause is under investigation.. The accident happened in King Street, Derby.… Read more →

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However, the land strip mined by Florida s phosphate industry falls under the protection of riparian lands and navigable waterways. Phosphate industry activities in these areas destroy environmental riparian lands and navigable waters, seemingly without responsibility to Florida law. It appears Florida elected officials have a different agenda when promising the voters to protect Florida from environmental vandalism, but still… Read more →

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How you interact with the website determines if and when certain information is collected. For instance, some sections or areas of the site allow you to submit contact forms, provide feedback, request information, or signup for newsletters and other services. However, the majority of pages on the site serve visitors purely as “informational” and “read only” not requiring you to… Read more →

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Such an agreement would advance the implementation of Article VI of the NPT, under which the nuclear weapon states have committed to pursuing nuclear disarmament in good faith.Regions such as Northeast Asia and the Middle East, which are not currently covered by nuclear weapon free zones, could take advantage of a non use agreement to declare themselves “nuclear weapon non… Read more →

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