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Linear and nonlinear transient growths of perturbations on a vortex ring up to Reynolds number ( circulation/viscosity) Re=27,000 are studied. For short time intervals, perturbations around the ring axis undergo the strongest linear transient growth and lead to secondary structures in the form of ringlets, owing to the Orr mechanism and an inviscid vorticity amplification mechanism in contrast to the… Read more →

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The fight over education funding and how to hold schools accountable has raged for decades in the Capitol and it shows no signs of abating. Republicans have successfully grown the state private school voucher program to provide more alternatives for students who want to leave public schools. Democrats have pushed for more funding to help struggling public schools catch up..… Read more →

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Objective: To compare the efficacy and cost of specialised individually delivered parent training (PT) for preschool children with attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) against generic group based PT and treatment as usual (TAU). Design: Multi centre, three arm parallel group randomised controlled trial. Research Setting: National Health Service Trusts. Personal Guarantees Many lease companies require you sign personal guarantees, even… Read more →