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Unfortunately, we cannot pinpoint these developments [because of the strike]. As a result there are few commercial recordings of any of the bop players during the years they were working out their innovations.” As Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns put it in Jazz: A History of America’s Music (based on Burns’ miniseries), “And so, except for a handful of… Read more →

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Etrix Group has assembled a strong team that represents decades of combined experience with backgrounds in aviation and green technology. Bryson says, “We have experience that includes designing high reliability products for use in harsh environments, commercial power products and production test equipment. Many of our designs have been used in solar power, aviation and the medical markets. I made… Read more →

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“I have been in contact with President John Crain from Southeastern Louisiana University and Col. Kevin Reeves of the Louisiana State Police. I have promised Southeastern that the state stands at the ready to mobilize every available resource we have to assist them in this investigation. His breakthrough album was the 1986 album Guitar Town. Since then Earle has released… Read more →

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The military, under the auspices of the Joint Services Wound Ballistics Integrated Product Team (JSWB IPT), did a significant amount of research into determining why the M855 performed so poorly in terminal ballistics. They found that most bullets would yaw in flight to some degree or another, and the fragmentation performance of a bullet would often be affected by what… Read more →

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Background and Purpose: The P2Y14 receptor is the newest member of the P2Y receptor family; it is Gi/o protein coupled and is activated by UDP and selectively by UDP glucose and MRS2690 (2 thiouridine 5 diphosphoglucose) (7 “10 fold more potent than UDP glucose). This study investigated whether P2Y14 receptors were functionally expressed in porcine isolated pancreatic arteries.Experimental Approach: Pancreatic… Read more →

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Specifically, we demonstrate the use of the signal amplification by reversible exchange (SABRE) parahydrogen based hyperpolarisation technique to enhance the sensitivity of natural abundance 1D and 2D 13C{1H} benchtop NMR spectra. We compare two detection methods for SABRE enhanced 13C NMR and observe an optimal 13C{1H} signal to noise ratio (SNR) for a refocused INEPT approach, where hyperpolarisation is transferred… Read more →

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