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Single cell colonies were then isolated, expanded and tested for mutation in the targeted region by PCR/HRM.Results: Out of 32 clones tested, 12 have shown aberrant melting by HRM, giving a targetting efficiency of 37.5%. One clone was sequenced and a heterozygous mutation found in this case comprising a single base deletion in exon 3. MRNA sequencing confirmed the mutation… Read more →

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In our earlier papers [1,2] basic properties of vortex ring like structures in gasoline engines were interpreted in terms of the generalised vortex ring model described in [3]. The main restriction of the approach considered in these papers was that it was assumed that vortex rings developed in an unbounded domain and the effects of confinement of vortex rings inside… Read more →

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The AMA claims to support “progress,” but history shows that the AMA has worked diligently to block much in the way of real progress in order to control medicine and shut out competition. Consider chiropractic medicine, which is categorized as an “alternative” treatment by most Americans. It involves healing the human body through adjusting the spinal column and other musculoskeletal… Read more →

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Island and coastal weather stations can be compared to coastal sea surface temperature observations to obtain an assessment of changes in bias over time. The process is made more challenging by differences in the rate of warming between air temperatures and sea surface temperatures, and differences across coastal boundaries. A preliminary sea surface temperature reconstruction homogenized using coastal weather station… Read more →

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