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Demanding that the military and FBI be honest and open is like trying to get them to never frame, falsely arrest and detain, harm or kill. Conflicting and confusing accounts of the plane potential whereabouts and false alarms compound stress and anxiety of passengers friends and family. After days, they were finally ushered unseen out of the airport to their… Read more →

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Currently slower than DRAM but faster than SSDs, Optane Persistent Memory is non volatile, and its contents can be made to survive power outages. This allows sysadmins to power down entire servers to scale down with workloads, without worrying about long wait times to restore uptime when waking up those servers. Among the CPU instruction sets added include AVX 512… Read more →

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This appears to be a unilateral Trumpian initiative, with no consultations with the State Department, the Pentagon or allies. Indeed, “thrill” was a feeling clearly missing from responses to the president’s remarks. Sen. One must ask him/herself, why aren my feeling as a white person even/ever considered. It always what the blacks want. I tell you why, the BLACKS are… Read more →

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The connection failure modes and displacement distributions were further examined as a supplement to the experimental findings that were necessarily limited by instrumentations.This work also presents mathematical models for the hysteretic moment rotation relationships simulating the loading, unloading and reloading segments of the hysteresis loops. Characterizing parameters were introduced to, allow for the softening slope, linear segment slope, and degradations… Read more →

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“Price continues to be a primary driver for choosing an airline for the leisure traveler,” ACSI Managing Director David VanAmburg said in a statement. “Ultra low cost carriers have the biggest jumps in passenger satisfaction this year as perceived value increases, but they still remain at the bottom of the index. Their business model can disappoint new customers who are… Read more →

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Seek to master a new subject requiring technical expertise. You could seek to become a Master Gardener, for example, or a yoga instructor. Perhaps you wish to master the art of long range target shooting or the beauty of painting on canvas. The current study explored lived experiences of manualised MBT psychoeducation groups for people with BPD within NHS secondary… Read more →

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Advancing stakeholder participation beyond consultation offers a range of benefits for local flood risk management, particularly as responsibilities are increasingly devolved to local levels. This paper details the design and implementation of a participatory approach to identify intervention options for managing local flood risk. Within this approach, Bayesian networks were used to generate a conceptual model of the local flood… Read more →

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