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Merger trees are routinely used to follow the growth and merging history of dark matter haloes and subhaloes in simulations of cosmic structure formation. Srisawat et al. Compared a wide range of merger tree building codes. Such as over thickness, drips, and off color. The glaze on Belleek pieces should be the creamy ivory color with a pearl like translucent… Read more →

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But with a much smaller size, their rotational speed increases dramatically, spinning many times a second. This relatively tiny, super dense object, emits a powerful blast of radiation along its magnetic field lines, although this beam of radiation doesn’t necessarily line up with it’s axis of rotation. They detected a mysterious radio emission coming from a fixed point in the… Read more →

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Participants: A total of 14,778 adolescent students. Findings: Rates of problem gambling were five times higher among online gamblers than non online gamblers. Conclusions: The online gambling environment may pose significantly greater risk to vulnerable players.. Car drivers TM and motorcyclists TM opinions were compared in relation to who they believe to be blameworthy in situations which varied in specificity,… Read more →

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Write down a list of all and any symptoms you think might be relevant, in full detail. Record as many details as you can, ‘sick at 3.35am, temperature of 39 degrees 3.45am and 3.50am’, not ‘sick in the night’. Doctors need all the clues they can get. Item Type:Thesis (PhD)Item Status:Live ArchiveAbstractAnthropogenic influences on riverine ecosystems have led to numerous… Read more →

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Why doctors hate the internetSo the overall theme to all of this is of course that organized medicine is a giant scam. The defenders of that system are really frustrated today, because experiments like this reveal that doctors just prescribe whatever patients name. Patients will get prescriptions for whatever drugs they mention. She seeks formal and conceptual ways to assimilate… Read more →

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Previous papers have examined competitive balance on a per season basis. In this paper we seek to examine the effect competitive balance on cumulative attendance at a game by game level. Our hypothesis is that increased competitive balance (measured as the inverse of standard deviation of team winning percentages) will lead to higher league wide attendance totals. The source for… Read more →

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Symptoms were determined based on subjects TM responses to the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale questionnaire and the Patient Health Questionnaire 15. The primary endpoint was whether participants had a clinically important symptom response during the 300 minutes following consumption of the drink.Results: More patients with IBS reached the pre defined symptom threshold after intake of inulin (13/29) or fructose… Read more →

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