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Recent advances in X ray computed tomography (XCT) have allowed for measurement resolutions approaching the point where XCT can be used for measuring surface topography. These advances make XCT appealing for measuring hard to reach or internal surfaces, such as those often present in additively manufactured parts. To demonstrate the feasibility and potential of XCT for topography measurement, topography datasets… Read more →

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Join Ryan and Becky Suter for the 3rd Annual Whiskey Wine with the Wild on Saturday, November 16 after the Wild battle the Hurricanes. The adults only event features wine and whiskey tastings, along with delicious small plate food pairings, plus the opportunity to mingle with Minnesota Wild players. Proceeds benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities Upper Midwest and the Minnesota… Read more →

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An obvious trend of increasing 5mC levels was observed starting at 28 days of exposure to the second highest dose and this trend persisted at the two highest treatments for close to one month, when the experiment was terminated after 56 days. Moreover, a strong association was identified between Cd concentrations in the hepatopancreas and DNA methylation levels in this… Read more →

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Ray Kurzweil has always had an eye for solving problems, whether it was with his reading machine for the blind or his Kurzweil K250 synthesizer. Now he is dedicated to solving humankind’s greatest problem the advent of death. This was the topic of his lecture Saturday night in Wheeler Auditorium, as part of Cal Events’ “Strictly Speaking” lecture series.. “I… Read more →

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Iran get to vet Iraqi political candidates? asked Kimberly Kagan, president of the Institute for the Study of War, and Fredrick W. Kagan, a resident scholar at the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute, in an article they published in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday. The continuous Iranian campaign of engagement, intimidation and political machinations, the Obama administration has offered little… Read more →

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