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However, our new method has two additional advantages: a more flexible acceptance condition and better overall performance. In this study we compare the new method with Late Acceptance Hill Climbing, Simulated Annealing and Great Deluge Algorithm. The Step Counting Hill Climbing has shown the strongest performance on the most of our benchmark problems used.. If you feeling especially ambitious, you… Read more →

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We find live specimens of a number calcareous species from a range of depths in the sediment column. Stable isotope ratios (13C and 18O) were measured on stained specimens of three species, Astrononion echolsi, Cassidulinoides porrectus and Buccella sp. 1, at 1 cm depth intervals within the down core sediment sequences. And Cardin, Niall J. And Davison, Dan and Ferreira,… Read more →

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In this paper we present the study of interactional arrangements that support the collaboration of headquarters (HQ), field responders and a computational planning agent in a time critical task setting created by a mixed reality game. The studies provide and understanding of the sociotechnical collaboration between players and the agent in these interactional arrangements, by conducting interaction analysis of video… Read more →

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Israel also employs profiling: At Ben Gurion Airport, Jewish Israelis typically pass through smoothly, while others may be taken aside for closer interrogation or strip searches. Another distinguishing feature of Israeli airports is that they rely on concentric security rings that start miles from terminals. Airports also need to be careful not to overcommit to securing passenger entry points at… Read more →

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