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A one dimensional model is applied with the effect of shrinkage for a prediction of moisture and temperature distribution during drying. Constant physical and thermal properties are used relevant to tropical fruits. A numerical solution technique, based on the method of lines, is used with local finite difference methods approximation to the drying. Finally, we demonstrate that FhTLM aids newly… Read more →

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A friend from Dublin converted me to the Eurovision lifestyle five years ago. For the uninitiated, Eurovision is “The Voice” meets “Drag Race” meets a bit of “Popstar” meets one formidable Sunday hangover. It might become your new favorite holiday. Once everything was figured out, Ile des Chenes met the host South East Prairie Thunder in quarter final action instead… Read more →

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Unfortunately, we write you today in the harrowing days after the recent San Francisco airport crash of Asiana Flight 214. First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of those affected by this horrifying accident. As our congressional delegation knows all too well, these events are all too permanent tests of the strength of… Read more →

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These interviews explored principals’ rationales for providing induction and what they made available for their NQTs. NQTs’ perceptions were then sought about the effectiveness of their induction. A conceptual framework for evaluating the components of an effective induction programme was adapted from the literature to enable focused critique of Ireland’s provision and guidance for future developments.. COLLECTIBLES. I’m sure may… Read more →

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However, our new method has two additional advantages: a more flexible acceptance condition and better overall performance. In this study we compare the new method with Late Acceptance Hill Climbing, Simulated Annealing and Great Deluge Algorithm. The Step Counting Hill Climbing has shown the strongest performance on the most of our benchmark problems used.. If you feeling especially ambitious, you… Read more →