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Kabul violence rages on as 11 Afghan troops die in ISIL military academy attackAfghan officials say death toll at 103 after Taliban suicide bombingIn between the two security rings, Afghan forces are expected to clear the area of militants with a mix of both targeted, intelligence driven raids and house to house clearing operations, Nicholson said. Special Operations troops will… Read more →

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Zhu, Y., 11 Feb 2019Article in Physical Review CQuasi free proton knockout from 12C on carbon target at 398MeV/uPanin, V., Holl, M., Taylor, J., Aksyutina, Y., Alvarez Pol, H., Aumann, T., Bertulani, C. A., Boretzky, K., Caesar, C., Chartier, M., Chulkov, L. V., Cortina Gil, D., Enders, J., Ershova, O., Geissel, H., Gernhauser, R., Heil, M., Johansson, H., Jonson, B.,… Read more →

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Due to their comparative size and gravitational interaction some have called this a double planet. As a result, the Earth’s seas vary in height as much as two metres every rotation. The Moon’s rotation has perfectly matched its orbital period (also due to these interactions) and Earth’s rotation is slowing down for the same reasons.. P., Wagenaars, E., de Oliveira,… Read more →

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The movie was directed by Morgan Neville, who has helmed a seemingly endless string of music biopics on such luminaries as Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Brian Wilson and Sam Phillips, the Memphis recording wizard who, in Neville’s film title, “invented rock ‘n’ roll.” With cinematographers Nicola Marsh and Graham Willoughby, he gives us glittering images of music meccas New York… Read more →

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Results indicated that the majority of respondents felt they had low to no knowledge of ASD prior to and after their child’s diagnosis. Six themes were identified: i) Mothers TM identification of their lack of information about their children with ASD, ii) Mother TMs perceptions about their mental and physical well being, iii) Mothers TM recognition of their constant challenges… Read more →

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Launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 carrying JCSAT 16 Japanese communications satellite to orbit on Aug. EDT from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fl. 14, and under near pristine Florida Space Coast skies, SpaceX dazzled its commercial customers and space enthusiasts alike worldwide with the twin feats of nailing the nighttime launch of the firm’s Falcon… Read more →

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