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Recent research has focused on behaviour change towards more sustainable energy use, often involving users co designing interventions. As such, ICT is a prominent tool, with its application including feedback tools, apps, interactive dashboards and gamification. Frequent barriers are user engagement with ICT tools, both initially and over the long term, with research consistently showing that users are hard to… Read more →

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In Malaysia, ethnic and cultural tension and conflicts have escalated in the past 5 years bringing undesirable impacts on the nation’s economy and, most importantly, on inter ethnic relationships. In line with the government’s 1Malaysia effort to produce a more integrated society, this study proposes the need to construct a shared Malaysian identity, starting from the classroom, which is facilitated… Read more →

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I’m sure you already figured out what comes next. Lightning struck his kite, followed the copper wire down to his hands, and instantly electrocuted him. His death reminds me of my favorite quote from the movie Forrest Gump “Stupid is as stupid does.” Lets clear up some myths about lightning. This study looked at how extroversion, gender, and sociosexual orientation… Read more →

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Different types of phase change materials applied to each temperature range are reviewed and discussed, in terms of the performance, heat transfer enhancement technique, environmental impact and economic analysis. The review shows that, energy saving of up to 12% can be achieved and a reduction of cooling load of up to 80% can be obtained by PCMs in the low… Read more →

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Experts aren’t sure how H. Pylori infection spreads. They think it may pass from person to person through close contact, like kissing. A pneumatic multilayer foil construction with a kinetic shading mechanism has the potential to be an effective response to dynamic climatic factors, such as solar radiation, and therefore moderate the energy consumption of buildings. A parametric study was… Read more →

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