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Ten years ago: New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said there was “a significant number of dead bodies in the water” following Hurricane Katrina; Nagin ordered virtually the entire police force to abandon search and rescue efforts and instead stop increasingly hostile thieves. President George W. Bush, who viewed the devastation from Air Force One, pledged to do “all in our… Read more →

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Three dimensional (3D) woven textiles, including orthogonal and angle interlock woven fabrics, exhibit high inter laminar strength in addition to good in plane mechanical properties and are particularly suitable for lightweight structural applications. Resin transfer moulding (RTM) is a cost effective manufacturing process for composites with 3D woven reinforcement. With increasing preform thickness, the influence of through thickness permeability on… Read more →

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Ray Borda, the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia president and founder of processor Macro Meats, says if markets were expanded, kangaroos would be worth more and farmers could share in returns. “They be guarding them with their lives,” he says. Borda describes kangaroo meat as “a step above organic”, with animals harvested in their own environment. If you feed poor… Read more →

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Methanogenesis seems to be one of the two latest metabolisms to evolve. (Since anaerobic methanotropy is nested within methanogens, it is then the latest.) That seeming difficulty of extracting energy out of methane metabolism in similar conditions translates directly to Mars. As here any early life main energy potential provider would have been sun light.. [Patterson] Broncos Country wanted passion… Read more →

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