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Additional Information:Whether nonhuman primates exhibit population level right manual bias remains a controversial topic. In captive baboons, population level right handedness has been reported for both coordinated bimanual actions and communicative gestures. Here, we demonstrated the robustness and the consistency across time of the pattern of right handedness for a species specific communicative gesture in olive baboons (Papio anubis). Trying… Read more →

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Furthermore, anatomical comparisons between the highly specialised skull of Rynchops and those of postulated skimming pterosaurs suggest that even smaller forms were poorly adapted for skim feeding. Our results refute the hypothesis that some pterosaurs commonly used skimming as a foraging method and illustrate the pitfalls involved in extrapolating from limited morphological convergence. 2007 Humphries et al.. He describes last… Read more →

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To maximise CO2 uptake, photosynthesis should track TM light levels accurately inducing and removing photoprotective processes accurately. Being able to measure photoprotection precisely in naturally fluctuating settings is difficult; however, a paper in this volume of Plant, Cell and Environment proposes a significant advance (Tietz et al. 2017).. Aug 02, 2016: As many as 90 University of Washington students from… Read more →

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Le plus grand centre de sevrage Internet, le Beijing Taoran Internet Addiction Treatment Centre, a rcemment t dans l’obligation de dmnager par manque de place. L’anne dernire, le nombre de personnes appelant ou crivant pour demander des informations sur le centre a beaucoup augment. L’tat des patients que nous avons admis s’est galement aggrav par rapport aux annes prcdentes, explique… Read more →

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