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Don keep voting and voting and voting. Suggested tabling the discussion, reaching out to residents in the city survey next year and coming back to the discussion. Instead, the council voted again on the and sane option, and that time it passed with Shoemaker switching his vote.. While the dishonest “mainstream media” as well as Democrats and even some Republicans… Read more →

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We focus here on the case of Zimbabwe. In spite of its popular image as a failed state, Zimbabwe has an exceptionally strong educational tradition and high levels of literacy and fluency in English. Drawing on 20 in depth interviews of Zimbabwean highly skilled migrants, we explore the specific ways in which the communicative competences of these migrants with high… Read more →

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The surface of Mars might be barren today, but conditions underground could have been hospitable for alien life in the distant past. Researchers are now theorizing that there was enough hydrogen dissolved in the ground that could have sustained certain types of microbes.This finding is based on similar subterranean conditions on Earth. These subsurface lithotrophic microbial ecosystems (SLiMEs)are made up… Read more →

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Beyonc has an estimated net worth of $250 million, and she shows no signs of slowing down. As she continues to expand her brand, the self made star will continue to take chances and run her businesses on her own terms. “It’s exciting, but having the power to make every final decision and being accountable for them is definitely a… Read more →

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