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Dyadic growth curve models revealed gender differences in aggravation trajectories over the first year of the child’s life. Fathers were higher in initial aggravation but mothers’ aggravation grew at a faster rate over time. The primary hypothesis was only partially supported. After the calamitous 1989 Ashes series Gower was sacked as captain and dropped for that winter’s Caribbean tour. The… Read more →

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Exploring the potential of virtual reality technology to investigate the health and well being benefits of group singingDaffern, H., Camlin, D. A., Egermann, H. W., Gully, A. Started in 1964 by Sam Gershowitz, Gershow Recycling began as a two man operation with a tractor and trailer, a boom truck and the first portable car flattener. Now with the second generation… Read more →

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Using wet gas scrubbing to remove soluble fission products like the harmful Cesium 137 radioactive waste particles. However, the disposal of Cesium 137 waste is said to be too expensive, and currently there have been recommendations to repurpose this nuclear waste substance. Suggestions offered are their use as irradiators to kill existing and remaining bacteria in packed meat, as part… Read more →

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The ultra low inductance power cell design based on a fourlayer Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with the aim to maximize the switching performance of GaN HEMTs is explained. The design of gate drivers for the GaN HEMT devices is presented. Parasitic inductance and resistance of the proposed design are extracted with finite element analysis and discussed. In complex supply chains,… Read more →

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With regard to plans holding company stock. [by] failing to provide participant with complete and accurate information regarding the risks associated with investing in WorldCom stock.”However, Gary Howell, a partner and ERISA (the federal income security act) attorney with Gardner Carton Douglas in Chicago, suggests this threat is being exaggerated. “I’m not aware of any decided case” in which an… Read more →

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Embarrassing at worst. Stripped of their autonomy, the usually arrogant journalist seems a slightly pathetic figure. Problem is, if you’re just an instrument of cultural oppression, against even your own will, it’s difficult to give an entire academic discipline the finger.. The worked out solutions have been carefully pre designed for teachers to use in lessons. Knowing the range of… Read more →

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