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Northam’s victory set off overnight recriminations and finger pointing among Trump’s hardcore supporters. The pro Trump website Breitbart News, which had earlier praised Gillespie as a “culture warrior,” derided him as a “Republican swamp thing.” Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, said Northern Virginia’s voter rich liberal suburbs should be annexed by the District of Columbia, “to return the… Read more →

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CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND MARCH 17: A police officer carrying an automatic rifle guards the area near Al Noor mosque on March 17, 2019 in Christchurch, New Zealand. 50 people are confirmed dead, with 36 injured still in hospital following shooting attacks on two mosques in Christchurch on Friday, 15 March. 41 of the victims were killed at Al Noor mosque… Read more →

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Saturday, 4,000 ft. Saturday night, 5,500 ft. Sunday, 6,500 ft. Sounds like a lot of the same stuff people said about the internet, right? Until people started documenting all the loneliness, and mapping polarization. To that end, Tom’s larger than life mother, Amanda Wingfield, seems less like a fossil leftover from a more genteel age that never really existed, and… Read more →

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Johnson camped it up as the funny uncle who gives Marie the gift of a Barbie and Ken doll (Jordan Lefton and Kelly Vittetoe in drolly robotic performances). Deanna Gooding as Marie combined sweet innocence with virtuosic dancing, while JBS operations manager Mary Jo Peloquin played an exasperated maid with extra dry comic timing. Everyone onstage appeared to be having… Read more →

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With much controversy then and since, Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006. This also reclassified the asteroid Ceres as a dwarf planet, too, and so the first five recognized dwarf planets are Ceres, Pluto, Eris, Makemake and Haumea. Scientists believe there may be dozens more dwarf planets awaiting discovery.. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported the… Read more →