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Osteoporosis is one of those things. That’s because when you expose your skin to sunlight, your body automatically generates vitamin D, and vitamin D is essential for using calcium to build increased bone mass. Without vitamin D in your body, your body cannot use the calcium that you’re eating in your diet. The Hero4 Session is capable of capturing 1080p… Read more →

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Said, resistance, because they going to be holding him a lot, said Savou, who will return for his redshirt freshman season as a fullback and defensive lineman at Merced (Calif.) Junior College next week. Got to get into that mentality of being held. It was a good experience going through that. If you’re experiencing ongoing reflux, “insist on a referral… Read more →

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This visual has inspired several artists across the world, including Mimmo Rotella and Jacques Villegle. In the recent works of Noor Ali Chagani, one may find a similar fascination but the route is different. Instead of being inspired by the visuals on walls, he has brought walls and pillars to his art. There are bong style front thongs, which is… Read more →

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Chemical based medicine is a Newtonian view of healthThat model of germ theory simply does not apply today. It doesn’t mean that germ theory is false, but these chronic degenerative diseases exist in a different realm. For example, regarding physics and the laws of motion, Newtonian physics operate on a large scale; it talks about the interaction between the motion… Read more →

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The minerals; crystalline zinc oxide (ZnO) and amorphous silica (SiO2) and their specific binding peptides identified by phage display were chosen for this investigation. Firstly, the growth of ZnO was investigated via a hydrothermal synthesis route. Product formation, precipitation processes and phase transformation was then compared in the presence of two peptides; EAHVMHKVAPRP (EM 12, a ZnO binding peptide) and… Read more →

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Castro’s increasingly Marxist Leninist policies, intended to improve the lot of the peasant classes, led to discontent among the Cuban middle classes many of whom fled to the US, establishing a large anti Castro community centred in Miami, Florida. This encouraged a CIA backed attempt to destabilise Castro’s rule. Further estrangement between the two countries was evidenced by the ‘Cuban… Read more →

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Indeed, the disaster back in Haiti may provide a ray of hope for her and thousands of others amassing on the border since the tougher rules were introduced, with activists now pressuring the Obama administration to reverse the measures as a humanitarian gesture. Department of Homeland Security has said it is monitoring the situation and assess its impact on current… Read more →

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The smoking ordinance amendment is the debut project from Central Health’s Equity Policy Council, comprised of 60 community members, which formed last year with the charge of advancing health equity for Travis County residents. The controversy over the policy puts the group in a pickle. Reneging on their proposal’s main component could make them appear ineffective, while staying the course… Read more →